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No-Code is All Code

December 04, 2020

No-code software is trending. Some people are even questioning the purpose of coding or hiring engineers when we have tools like Squarespace or Webflow. No-code platforms help grind out basic digital solutions quickly, at the cost of custom functionality and custom business requirements. This can be useful, especially for bootstrapped companies of one or two individuals with little technical experience.

However, in order to build new things you need to write new code. Technological societies decline when the technologists abandon their craft. We must strive for more code, written intelligently and understood correctly.

The no-code ideology is often used as an argument for why custom software development is becoming less necessary in today’s business environment. The reality is that all no-code products are created with custom code made by professional engineers.

We need customization now more than ever. Amazon doesn’t run on Squarespace. Netflix doesn’t use Webflow. If you really want to push the boundaries and bring your unique vision to market, you are going to need to create an infrastructure and build things in-house.

You simply can’t get away from the fact that technology requires technologists.

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